2022 Amazon Europe FBA and referral fee changes summary

Despite the ongoing challenges everyone has faced with COVID, supply chain bottlenecks and a challenging labour market, sellers like you have continued to thrive in Amazon’s European stores. Third-party sellers sold more than 3.4 billion products in Amazon European stores alone – and we welcomed more than 130,000 new sellers. We are inspired by your efforts and are proud to have supported you during this time with significant investments in our fulfilment and delivery network, and through powerful new tools and services.

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve more than doubled our fulfilment capacity across Europe and spent over €1.9 billion across our fulfilment network to help keep employees safe. We opened more than 250 new fulfilment centres, sortation centres, regional air hubs and delivery stations in Europe to ensure that we are able to quickly receive your inventory and deliver your products to customers. In 2021, we offered more than 250 new tools for sellers, and our teams are working hard to innovate further. We are building a range of programmes and services, from FBA New Selection to recovery services (Liquidations and Grade and Resell), to help you expand your selection, reduce costs and grow your business.

Throughout the pandemic, we have worked to support you – postponing and keeping fee changes low, reducing or eliminating select fees like those for customer returns, and absorbing billions of dollars in increased costs on your behalf – all while making significant and necessary investments in people, technology, transportation and infrastructure. As you’ve seen widely reported in the press and have likely experienced yourselves, costs are rising and we now need to make adjustments to this year’s fee structure in response. We will adjust our fees to partially offset the higher permanent operating costs we face going forward.

Effective March 31, 2022, certain selling fees were adjusted in our Amazon Europe stores. Most referral fees did not change, and we made only moderate increases to fulfilment fees.

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