Pakistan Added in countries accepted for Amazon seller registration

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Amazon opens its seller central doors for Pakistan May 2021. This expansion attracted thousands of Pakistanis to become sellers on Amazon within no times. According to one of the research, Pakistan is one of fastest growing sellers market among new countries joined recently.

Checkout out countries list here.

There were numerous young people related to IT & e-commerce waiting for Amazon to add Pakistan and they quickly started their stores and doing well. But ecommerce giant created so many opportunities that fascinated success stories are coming out from the class which was never directly connected to internet based businesses.

The one most important factor, Pakistan lacking in, is, its exports. The govt institutes must now use Amazon as a channel to encourage new sellers to buy goods from local manufacturer. Sialkot, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Karachi, Lahore and many such cities should become now hub for Amazon sellers to find manufacturers. The new sourcing companies and sourcing freelancers are emerging and eventually there would be time when Pakistan own Alibaba would surface from one corner of some IT company.

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